Feedback to Severe ME Info Pack so far!

Hi everyone!  I have received several emails asking if I have any feedback to my Severe ME Info Pack that I could share on my blog and I am very chuffed to be able to post the following cue me turning red with embarassment...

"This is excellent - you should be really proud of what you have acieved!"
T Hawksworth
Former Specialist ME Outreach Nurse Stockport 2008

"Thrilled to hear how well you are doing - you are a real inspiration.  I would be very interested in your Pack - there is not enough information around relating to Severe CFS/ME."
G Walsh
Former Specialist ME Outreach Nurse Stockport 2008

"...and gave my student OT one of your pieces to read - your knowledge and experience is already touching others.  Keep Going..."
Occupational Therapist,
CFS/ME Team, Essex

And perhaps my favourite...

"If only we had had this kind of information when you were so ill...we would have understood what you were going through...we could have saved you from so much of the pain and suffering...we would have known who to turn to!
Mrs I Saunders
Mother of Very Severe ME Patient 2009
(My mum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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