Hang on to Hope

Hi everyone, as my readers will know, ten years ago, I was little more than a breathing corpse, so severe was my ME...all I wanted over Christmas 1999 was someone to take my hand and tell my husband and I that one day all this pain and suffering would be a dim, distant memory, but no one could, we just didn't jnow of anyone who had recovered from very severe M.E.

I am hoping that today I can extend my 'virtual' hand out to everyone who is so very ill with ME over Christmas, and say 'hang in there, you will get better, I truly know how hard it is to remain hopeful when everything seems so very desperate, but do try to hang on to hope, it will help you stay sane whilst your body is fighting its way back from Severe ME, and fight its way back it will'.

I am making a great recovery and beginning to enjoy life again, and I just wanted to give you all the hope that I wish someone could have given me over Christmas 1999. Wishing you all a healthier 2010. LOL Cathy xxx

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