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Severe ME/CFS is a cruel and physically disabling illness which wrecks the lives of thousands in the UK and millions worldwide. I know because it took my life for several years. One of my promises back then was to do all I could, when able, to help the Family and Friends of Severe ME/CFS Patients understand the nightmare that their loved ones are going through; what Patients and their Carers have to battle against every day, and how the understanding, support and compassion of Family and Friends can make such a dramatic difference to their speed of recovery. Hence this Blog and My Severe ME/CFS Information Pack now available as an e-book. I do so hope that both help guide you through the hellish maze that is Severe ME/CFS

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Check out Severe ME video on You Tube

Hi all.

Wanted to tell you about a fantastic video that Vikki George, a recovering Severe ME Patient, has produced on You is brilliant so please check it out as soon as you can - here is the link: 

Vikki has done a great job making this video, so please pass the link on to everyone you know, my little sister did and and I think her message is worth repeating here, she sums it up so well:

"Hi everyone, this one is not a chain-mail that I am passing on. This is a message straight from my heart.

There is a link to a You tube video below regarding Severe ME. My sister in-law is in it (Cathy). It has been created to try and highlight the plight of many, many people living with the hell of Severe ME. Please take the time to watch it...

Cathy missed my engagement, my wedding, and the birth and early childhood of my first son, Lucas. She now is doing awesome, but it took 12 years to get to where she is now. Please pass the message on, it really is a powerful way to make people aware of how utterly disabling and terrifying Severe ME is. 
Thank you.  Sarah xx"

You will also be pleased to hear that my Understanding Severe ME Information Pack is now being used by 5 NHS ME Units in the UK, which I am thrilled about! I so hope it will help those severely affected patients who are following in my wake.

Gotta go now, Info Packs to post!  Take care c x

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