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Severe ME/CFS is a cruel and physically disabling illness which wrecks the lives of thousands in the UK and millions worldwide. I know because it took my life for several years. One of my promises back then was to do all I could, when able, to help the Family and Friends of Severe ME/CFS Patients understand the nightmare that their loved ones are going through; what Patients and their Carers have to battle against every day, and how the understanding, support and compassion of Family and Friends can make such a dramatic difference to their speed of recovery. Hence this Blog and My Severe ME/CFS Information Pack now available as an e-book. I do so hope that both help guide you through the hellish maze that is Severe ME/CFS

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Finally a brilliant BBC interview revealing the cruel reality of Severe ME...

Heartbreaking interview by John Darvall of BBC Radio Bristol with Severely Affected ME patient, Naomi Hanham and her family.  Isn't it wonderful when someone in the Media starts digging for the truth into perhaps one of the world's most cruelly misunderstood of illnnesses:  Severe ME.

Well done BBC Radio Bristol!!!!  Please share...

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