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Fantastic to see this on Facebook earlier today...a letter from one of Australia's most pre-eminent ME specialists and passionate advocates re the terrible treatment of Karina Hansen, a very severely affected ME Patient...oh that we had more Severe ME Specialists in the world who are prepared to speak out against members of the medical establishment.
"Who will be held responsible if Karina Hansen dies?
John Whiting via co-cure

Mar 31 2014
Dear readers,
I have been personally involved in a case in Brisbane similar to that of Karina Hansen. At that time, I had no support from my local colleagues. The private hospital legally removed me from my patient's case and I have no knowledge as to whether my patient is alive or dead now.
However, I have also witnessed several other unnecessary deaths here in Brisbane due to ME/CFS under circumstances of medical negligence relating to ignorance over the proper management of these disorders.
In Karina Hansen's case, medical expertise assistance has been offered to her current treating doctors. Unfortunately, Karina's doctors have refused such assistance. I suggest that they fear criticism and accusations of negligence. Karina is literally becoming the sacrificial lamb in the name of psychosomatic illness. However, Karina should not become a martyr to our efforts, that is to ensure that ME/CFS becomes recognised as a legitimate medical illness with real organic underpinnings. Karina's life should be respected, regardless of other agendas.
By now, Karina may well have developed secondary psychiatric phenomena whilst in hospital brought about by inappropriate care due to the ill informed efforts of those trying to help her. The fact that she is still in hospital and is no better and by the sound of things, is much worse than when she was admitted to hospital, in itself, is evidence that her care givers have no idea about the illness that they are trying to treat. How many illnesses do we know of, that require such lengthy in hospital care?
I will assure you that the medical records of her hospitalisation will not reflect the true history of Karina's inpatient experiences. I kept my own personal medical records of the patient I looked after 15 or so years ago, as I could see how my observations differed so greatly from those of other staff (such as nurses) and that what was documented in the hospital records did not reflect the reality of the situation. Her records were clearly doctored in favour of the hospital's image and reputation.
For an individual such as Karina to be denied the right to live or die because of political and so called 'medical controversy' is beyond the bounds of what modern medicine is intended to achieve.
I personally accuse the doctors looking after Karina of medical negligence, on the ground of the information I have cited above. My goal is accountability now, as my prediction is that Karina is no better than she was before and is likely to be much worse and not better since she was admitted to hospital.
Dr John L Whiting
Brisbane, Australia
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