Lynn Gilderdale’s moving account of why she decided to end her life - Guardian On line

Heart breaking reading but necessary if you want to begin to understand the hell on earth that is Severe ME. I do know the hell that Severe ME is...I was little more than a breathing corpse for over 2 years...but I was one of the lucky ones to get better...Lynn wasn't, and with tears streaming down my face, having read Lynn's own words in the Times article below, I just wish that I could have met that brave, brave girl.
Shame on all the 'powers' that failied Lynn and allowed Lynn and her family to go through this is time that Severe ME gets to the top of everyone's agenda...NHS, Research Bodies, Government...I really don't care, but PLEASE will someone do something to ensure that we are not reading another story in ten years times of another young life wasted.

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